Nouveau Miranda Hair- 50% Off!

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Hey all!

I have been coming up with some new ideas, and in order to make the new ideas possible I decided I am closing the island down for a little while to renovate my store and focus on my new project I am working on.  I promise it will be worth your while, so just be patient with me!

In the meantime, to make room for new hairs and textures when the island reopens, I am having a hair sale!  50% off all hairs in the store!!!

Wicked Loudon

Menswear Teaser…

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Hey!  I’ve been very busy over the past week working on some new hair and clothes…as well as deciding what direction I want to take my store.  I’ve been pretty happy so far with the current products and the current design, but I am ready for a change 🙂  Soooooo, to  get you MEN excited about what is coming, I made a little teaser picture of the suit I am currently working on 🙂  I promise you will love it!  Also, remember to check out the 3 latest hairs from last week, The Fear, Monster, and The Class Act!  They are super fun and very dramatic!  Enjoy

New Releases @Nouveau Miranda!

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Hey everyone!

I havent been the best person lately, and I took a little vaca, but now I am rejuvenated and ready to go again.  And what better way to start off the new year but with NEW HAIR!  Yes, I have made three new hairs for you guys.  Sorry I havent made more,  been very busy IRL.  The Fear has a colorchanging headband, and Monster was a style I just couldnt resist making.  The Class Act was one of my hairs I wanted to release as a more formal hair for a New Years party, but as we know sometimes things dont get done like we want them.  So I hope you enjoy!


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For World AIDS Day, (and until tomorrow) All red hair packs have been discounted to 100l, and all proceeds from ANY red hair pack of hair will go to amfAR (AIDS Research).  Only tonight and all day tomorrow, so go support a good cause!
– Wicked Loudon


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There was a freebie scandal!  One of the freebie’s colors, Caramel to be exact, had a texture glitch!  Luckily, someone noticed it and told me relatively early this morning so I had the chance to fix it.  So, if you got the freebie late last night check your Caramel, and if the bangs are messed up drop me an IM and I will get you the fixed version (or you could just go get the freebie again) ASAP!!!


New Hair and FREEBIE @ Nouveau Miranda

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3 New styles, 2 for women and one for the guys!

and of course the LOVELY freebie hair!

TP to:


Join the update group!

Group Search ->  Nouveau Miranda Update Group


Click the sign infront of the store



New Hair @ Nouveau Miranda

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Hey all!  I am so proud to finally announce the release of my Hair Collection!

12 New styles all ready for your cold, bald head!  As a previous designer of FOAM!,  I have brought back some of the classic styles that were availible to you there!  All hairs are availible in 25 different colors, Blondes, Browns, Reds, Blacks and Whites, and Variety packs!

Come see it today!